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Silver Skates: Misty – Tabitha Barret

Ah! Can you believe it? After this book there are only three more! Three! It will be over within a month! I'm slightly panicking, because those were my comfort books and now I'll have to find that comfort somewhere else, but fine. I'm very thankful that the authors have made my lockdown so much better… Lees verder Silver Skates: Misty – Tabitha Barret

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For every moment of my life…(43)

Nee, ik was het niet vergeten gisteren, beloofd! Ik merkte alleen dat ik geen zin had om met Pasen dit dagboekje te gaan zitten tikken. We zaten immers lekker met het hele gezin voor de televisie. Ik kan prima multitasken (computeren, tv kijken en een gesprek volgen en eraan deelnemen), maar zeker tijdens het kijken… Lees verder For every moment of my life…(43)

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Silver Skates: Candela – J.R. Thorn

Damn, when the new season started 15 weeks sounded like an awfully long time, but now there are already 11 books out! I will be really sad when it's over and when there will be no new book every week. I said it more often, but I happily repeat it, this series is like a… Lees verder Silver Skates: Candela – J.R. Thorn