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When I saw a note in a facebook group asking for ARC readers for this book, I decided to take the offer. I’m always a little careful with ARCs and review copies. I’m a total mood reader, so I wanna be sure I really want to read them. But in this case I was pretty sure I was gonna dive into it as soon as the e-mail would come.

Adeline has a crush on Max, but he’s keeping his distance.
Recruiting her best friend Natalie as sidekick extraordinaire, Adeline decides to uncover what Max is hiding. If she knows everything about him, he’ll have no reason to remain aloof, right?
But when Adeline begins seeing things she shouldn’t, things that can’t possibly be real, she starts keeping secrets of her own. She knows for a fact that becoming the crazy chick isn’t a sexy move.
When Max is forced to tell her the truth about his origins, Addy’s problems really start.
Because what Max is? He’s made her one too.

And the book totally delivered! It was a fast and easy read and very nicely written. There were a few typos and errors here and there, but they didn’t really disturb me, personally. Mostly because the language used fitted the main character so incredibly well. It really felt like we were in her head, reading her thoughts.

And although I personally didn’t click with the characters (as in, I didn’t fall in love with the guys and Adeline and I are not really alike), I enjoyed this book immensely, mostly because of the plot and the world building. Jade really found a nice balance between the romantic parts of this story and the teenage life Adeline was having and the mystery that was seeping more and more into the book and eventually lead to a series of amazing discoveries.

The worldbuilding might be a little complex at times, and therefore needed a lot of explaining, but it was also really amazing and well done. I really had the feeling that what Jade had come up with was possible and that it made sense and that it felt solid. The rules seemed to be clear (even though they are challenged at times) and I never had the feeling that it was too much or too complicated.

I’m really curious how the story will progress. We have gotten quite some answers, but we are also left with quite some questions!

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